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Welcome to Open Market Intelligence. This search tool provides you with the ability to search and locate available electronic components in our inventory and in the worldwide market.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

  • “Our AMPT Sales contact has been outstanding to work with. She is very professional and has been an asset to KeyTronic EMS. We appreciate all of her assistance!”
    Purchasing Lead at KeyTronic EMS

    “Your Sales staff is very friendly and I would be glad to work with any one of them!”
    Purchaser at Lytech Solutions

    “The AMPT sales team who recently started business with Lenovo have been outstanding in working with my team in starting this new business relationship with excellent communications. Look forward to continuing to build business with them and Advanced MP.”
    Global Procurement at Lenovo

    “Our AMPT sales contact is extremely helpful and expedient in responding to all our requests. He provides great transparency in where you are getting the parts and lets us know upfront in he has any concerns about the source before we decide to take any actions. He has been proactive in investigating ‘outside of the box’ solutions to some of our sourcing needs. AMPT Quality staff has been very open to adopting our inspection requirements.”
    Component Engineering at General Atomics -ASI

    “I am very happy working with Advanced MP. Our issues were promptly addressed and we did get the good parts we needed.”
    Senior Supplier Performance Eng. at Emerson

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