Anti Counterfeit Procedures

Electronic component and material inspections are vital to our quality management system.

To ensure quality products for our customers, our IDEA-ICE-3000 certified inspectors perform a 72-point, two stage component inspection on 100% incoming materials with an additional stage that is for visual reference.

Logistics Capabilities
Our dynamic operational capabilities give AMPT the ability to be flexible and adapt to the changing industry climate.  Our logistics capabilities are completely scalable; able to support customer’s specific requirements and needs.

AMPT’s logistics capabilities have evolved from single point shipping and receiving warehouse to multi global logistics network.  Designed to fulfill customer requirements in providing global logistics and fulfillment of a well-balanced supply chain, some highlights of our logistics capabilities include:

    • Fully equipped with the latest technology to ensure customer expectations from a top rated supply chain partner.
    • Well trained staff (IDEA 1010-B certified inspectors)
    • Continuously audited and approved facilities and quality control processes by major customers and certified by quality standardization organizations.
    • Complete knowledge of local government regulations and standards, preventing delays that can occur with import/export across countries.
    • ESD compliant global facilities.
    • All shipping and receiving policies and procedures fulfilled customer specific requirements.
    • Local quality team members are on the ground to complete a verification process to approve local suppliers.
    • Perfect score on all custom audits, as well as on all subsequent annual audits.
  • Stage 1: Initial Inspection

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    Ensures that all relevant criteria is documented and available.

    Components are inspected and verified for:

    • Quantity
    • Manufacturer part number
    • MFG
    • Date codes
    • Lot codes
    • ROHS and MSL
    • Physical conditions inspections
    • Packaging
    • Barcode verifications

    Stage 2: Detailed Inspection

    icons_Artboard 14Performed by senior quality inspectors based on IDEA/ERAI resources.

    Components are inspected by:

    • Verification of first stage inspection
    • High power microscopy is utilized to verify original markings and to examine for evidence of non-conformances
    • Counterfeit inspections
    • Dimensional inspections of components
    • Electrical testing to verify out of circuit values on capacitors
    • Top ink mark permanency testing
    • Acetone testing for evidence of remarking/resurfacing
    • Digital photo documentation

    Stage 3: Quality Testing

    icons_Artboard 15For visual reference we can perform additional testing in-house on suspicious components.

    By request we can send the components to our industry trusted facility partners that provide a higher level of testing based on each requirement.

    Components are inspected by:

    • Decapsulation
    • Reel-to-Reel X-ray
    • XRF
    • Solder testing
    • EDX/EDS
    • Baking