Customer Satisfaction

At Advanced MP Technology, we are dedicated to guarantee customer satisfaction in every step of the distribution cycle, with special emphasis on providing the highest quality electronic components to our valued customers.

Commitment to Quality Program
We understand the importance of knowing that you’ll receive reliable, quality products that are delivered on time, and meeting your packaging and labeling specifications.  Our “Commitment to Quality Program” has been implemented across our global locations to ensure that our customers’ high quality standards are met with each transaction.

Our “Commitment to Quality Program” is a holistic approach to quality electronic component assurance that begins with our vendor qualification process.  All Advanced MP Technology vendors are continuously evaluated and rated based on past orders, quality certifications (i.e. ISO 9001), industry references, and audits conducted by Advanced MP’s quality team. We update the procedures of  our “Commitment to Quality Program” on a regular basis to ensure we follow the latest industry standards, to better serve our customers

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