Inventory Asset Management

Since 1978 Advanced MP has been proactively providing exceptional solutions in maximizing the asset value of at-risk component inventory through robust programs and solutions.

We consult, design, and execute customized inventory management programs based on customer specific needs ranging from internal redistribution, external remarketing, and reverse logistics solutions.

We strive to provide our customers with solutions to achieve:

    • Maximum ROI on at-risk inventory including excess inventory as well as end-of-life/obsolete components
    • Decreased dormant inventory values
    • Utilization of excess inventory for upcoming global demands by consolidation
    • Increased Inventory Turns
  • Outright Purchase

    AMPT can provide outright cash offers for your excess inventory on an individual basis or as a package.

    Customer will provide AMPT with a list of parts to bid on with the manufacturer part number, quantity, date code, and internal part number.

    We reduce overstock liabilities from beginning to end on the supply chain by maximizing asset value on excess and obsolete components in inventory and customizing programs to our customers’ needs, objectives, and expected recovery value.

    Reuse, Remarket, Recycle

    As a supply chain partner for our customers we provide a complete inventory management program to assess the inventory for potential reuse by the customers’ own supply chain, remarket to achieve cash recovery, and/or recycle through authorized recycling services.

    Reuse: Assess excess inventory for potential use for open or upcoming demands by global manufacturing facilities on behalf of the customer. This will prevent manufacturing sites from overbuying to meet SPQ and eliminate unnecessary excess inventories.

    Remarket: For components that are no longer being used by the customer, we achieve highest return on investment by marketing parts directly to end users with our network of 19 global offices. We also have dedicated sales to market parts to the distribution market to enhance coverage.

    Recycle: If the parts are custom or have no recovery value, authorized recycle houses are utilized to break down components to their elements for potential sale.


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