Advanced MP: IoT and M2M is the Key to the Global Electronic Industry

Advanced MP: IoT and M2M is the Key to the Global Electronic Industry

Kamran Malek, Global Vice President at Advanced MP Technology, was interviewed by EMSChina on the future trend in electronic industry:

The past year has been an exciting year for Advanced MP Technology as we have made progress both horizontally and vertically with new and expanding offices in different regions and focus on products that our customers require.

The trend of industry has evolved a great deal from simple computer based system to intelligent, mobile capable devices such as mobiles, wearables, IoT devices, etc., which has changed both the landscape and the hardscape of the global electronics industry. These days, a tech savvy professional may not own a PC but perform the same function on their mobile devices. The electronic market will continue to develop in this result-driven approach to optimize the use of time and resource.

We are focusing on areas where the market focuses on. AMPT has got robust IT resources to analyze and retrieve data to have a better understanding about market/data driven industry. At this time, IoT and M2M are the new hot segments, which will impact the market of sensors and communication products. We will allocate our resources to those markets accordingly to reach potential customers in such industries. 

From my experience in the electronic distribution industry, the key to success is to collaborate and focus on new companies, new products and adjust the internal operation and approach to reflect changes in market.

The electronic industry is truly a global industry, thus changes in any segment will have a global impact. It is really hard to say any particular changes\ for the Chinese market. Customers’ buying habit, change of end product and industry evolution are the causes.

Published on EMSChina (in Chinese).