Advanced MP Technology Celebrates their 35th Anniversary & the Opening of a New Logistics Center

Advanced MP Technology Celebrates their 35th Anniversary & the Opening of a New Logistics Center

San Clemente, CA, U.S.A.(January 7, 2014): Advanced MP Technology (AMPT), the leading global full-service distributor of electronic components, has celebrated its 35th year in business, coinciding with the opening of a new automated logistics center that has been successfully integrated into their global operation with their next generation of enterprise software customized and powered by the latest version of Oracle.

Advanced MP Technology celebrated its milestone anniversary with the induction of its new logistics center in San Clemente, California. The newly constructed 60,000 square foot logistics center provides more resources and storage space for inventory management services, and houses a more advanced quality control testing facility, with the addition of De-CAP, XRF and granite slab testing equipment, to their already existing in house QC testing equipment. “The completion of this new logistics center is a great accomplishment for AMPT, and resource for our customers worldwide. In conjunction with the additional stocking space this new warehouse provides, the inclusion of the new quality testing equipment will optimize the turnaround time between receiving to shipment,” said Global Logistics Director, Mike England. “In addition to providing a quicker response to our customers special needs, bringing these testing amenities in house allows Advanced MP to improve cost for customers as well.”

Kamran Malek, Vice President of Marketing, added: “Over our 35 year history, Advanced MP has always prioritized investment in the growth and efficiency of the company. Combined with our remarkable accomplishments in the past 35 years, our new logistics facility and successful implementation and integration of our newly customized software are indicators of our industry leadership and commitment to customer satisfaction. These resources, which are notably scalable, will enable Advanced MP Technology to reach even higher levels in the industry.”

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