AMPT Launches Powerful Oracle Software Providing Broader Global Market View & Transaction Tracking

AMPT Launches Powerful Oracle Software Providing Broader Global Market View & Transaction Tracking

SAN CLEMENTE, CA, U.S.A. – (January 9th, 2013) – Advanced MP Technology, Inc., the leading global full- service distributor of electronic components for over 34 years, has launched their next generation of enterprise software customized and powered by the latest version of Oracle, throughout their global operations. With this new upgrade‚ Advanced MP has re-engineered & optimized its business process for better efficiency and increased productivity, providing additional account management and new customer service tools to increase support for their customers.

The latest version of Oracle has added a new dimension of service capabilities for Advanced MP customers. It is designed to accommodate today’s complex supply chain workflow and provide customers with broader visibility of their transactions. The existing logistics & CRM module has been enhanced and completely integrated throughout the new system, providing live order tracking & status, fully integrated QC history on inbound/outbound shipments, and visibility on all logistics activity including status & photo sharing. “This is a great value to our customers because it allows them a ground level view of their orders from purchase to receipt, and the ability to track their order on a real-time basis,” said Sam Bigdeli, Global IT Director at Advanced MP Technology. “Our massive investment in the design of ‘Bolt-ons’ to the Oracle software is intended to increase flexibility and agility in our service to customers,” stated Mr. Bigdeli.

Kamran Malek, Vice President of Marketing, added: “This powerful new system has also enhanced Advanced MP’s existing real-time market analytics, providing to our customers live supply and demand matching, automated BOM, and up-to-minute product availabilities in the global markets. The customized Oracle software will enhance our efficiency resulting in an increase in our customers’ bottom line.”

In order to be fully qualified and fluent in the application of the new software, all Advanced MP personnel, worldwide, have been through an extensive, comprehensive, hands-on training program leading up to the launch of the new system, which made its debut on January 1st 2013. The improvements lay the groundwork for a completely scalable system, in which future updates from the Oracle Enterprise Software can be smoothly implemented without any interruption to their business process.

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