Artificial Intelligence Applications in Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence Applications in Manufacturing

Will artificial intelligence (AI) take control of the planet over human race?

The answer to this question seems to be positive. Several experts of AI have similar comment as “everything that humans can do machines can do” . Stephen Hawking also warned us during an interview with BBC that “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” Ex Machina, a recent enthralling science-fiction film presents the possibility of a robot that has cognitive capability to think, feel and even manipulate human beings.

It might takes years for us to see Ava, the robot in Ex Machina, to become a reality, but AI has already have a profound impact on human life in more subtle ways. Self-driving cars, Siri on your iPhone, weather forecasts, face recognition on your Facebook photos, etc are all examples . A Japanese company Deep Knowledge even pointed an AI as one of the directors due to its ability to predict market trend that is “not immediately obvious to humans” .

In addition to daily life, AI technologies are also finding their way into manufacturing. In fact, MIT economists Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee argued that technology has replaced jobs in America at a faster pace than creating the new ones, which could be devastating for American workers on a short-term basis . This trend is also seen in Foxcann, the No.1 EMS in electronic industry. They were planning to deploy over 10,000 robots to factories as an effort to offset the pressure of increasing labor cost in China . Foxcann is also quietly working with Google to speed up its robotics program, hoping to transform itself into a high-tech manufacture focus on high-margin and capital-intensive products . Japan, one of the leading countries in robot technology, is now investing to build 30 million robots to create a workforce that can make Japan the number one manufacture again .

There is, however, one problem for manufacturing robots: thus far, they have been produced for specific purpose . That means if you want a different function, you will need to design and produce a new robot instead of programming the existing ones. According to Robert Atkinson, president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, Google is developing an operating system for robot just like Android system where you can inter-operate platform across various industries at a lower cost . With this operating system, Google is hoping to dominate the AI application in manufacturing industry.

Replacing human with robot in manufacturing is a trend that we can’t stop or avoid. As technology advances, the low cost, high-accuracy and efficiency of robot is going to benefit the human society as a whole on a broader level. At Advanced MP Technology, we always stay tuned with the most recent trend in electronic industry to stay ahead of the supply chain and provide the best service to our customers.