Component Demand for Smart City Implementation

Component Demand for Smart City Implementation

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

With nearly 70% of US cities investing in smart city technology, it is significant to drill into how this could affect the electronic component market throughout 2018. Cities of the future need to be more sustainable, safer, efficient, interactive and ‘smart’. To do this, many components will be utilized to add such technology to the cities.

A smart city  can include a wide variety of applications; including smart meters for utilities, intelligent traffic signals, RFID sensors in pavement and Wi-Fi kiosks. However, interconnection to make a city ‘smart’ is easier said than done. Most smart cities are not built from scratch in one go, but over a period of time become more efficient and connected.

The key segments that make a smart city work include smart energy, data, transportation, IoT devices, infrastructure and mobility. Within these segments, a network of sensors, cameras, wireless devices and data centers allows for everything to work cohesively.

LED lighting is crucial to allow for smart energy within a city, as lighting is ubiquitous. Additionally, electric vehicles and solar power systems within homes will further enhance an energy-efficient city. China is currently in the process of building and expanding solar roadways, which includes transparent concrete on top of solar cells used to charge driving cars. Now, solar roadways are being tested in multiple locations around the world.

A smart city would not become smarter without data collection and storage. The massive amounts of data collected by a smart city must be analyzed quickly in order to make it useful and able to be utilized for future plans. Memory components have rapidly experienced an increase in demand, as the supply for such components continues to tighten.

Lastly, the key component that ties everything together within smart cities includes IoT devices. Sensors are essential in a smart city, as a wide range of sensors that create data is what makes a smart city work.

Throughout 2018, the electronic component market will experience an increase in demand for LED lighting, memory components and IoT devices. Advanced MP Technology’s highly trained purchasing and sales teams are able to effectively source components globally, utilizing our customized robust Oracle ERP system. With over 39 years in the industry, we are reliable in providing quality products on time, every time.