Connected Device Security Risks

Connected Device Security Risks

Society has become increasingly dependent on technology as the device mesh continually develops. The ability to turn on your air conditioning from your phone while you are at work or relaxing in the driver’s seat while your car takes the wheel are exhilarating new advancements in technology. Consequently, connected devices have become a target for hackers, as they can access virtually everything about someone’s life.

Analysts expect the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem to grow rapidly, especially in enterprise arena. Gartner estimates 6.4 billion connected devices this year, up from 30 percent from the previous year. By 2020, an expected 50 billion devices will be connected with each other, exchanging data, information and messages between them and with the decision-makers who rely on the data.

With connected driverless cars taking the streets, hackers have developed masses of vulnerable software that can be hacked into to take control. Recently, Chrysler had to recall 1.4 million carsbecause of a security risk, showing that just one hack can affect more than one million cars. Two security researchers were able to work their way through the code to eventually take over the dashboard functions, gearbox, and even the steering and brakes.

With an increase in connected devices comes an increased need for security. IoT is expected to be a growth driver across the electronics and semiconductor industries, and enterprises can certainly bank on the benefits of enhanced productivity from the real-time data that connected devices can provide and the security needed to support these devices.

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