Cyber Security: Focus for the Future

Cyber Security: Focus for the Future

This past weekend was not very relaxing for 4 million federal employees and their close families after they learned that their personal data and security clearances were breached via a cyber attack targeted at the Office of Personal Management (OPM) . They are not alone. According to a report by Goldman Sachs, this is just one of the 17 high-profile data breaches since July 2014 .

Everyone is vulnerable.

With the development of Internet of Things (IoT), cybersercurity companies are expecting an exponential increase in attacks worldwide, influencing new industries as connected devices are being implemented. “We are entering an entirely new phase in the fight against cyber threats,” said Christopher Ling, executive vice president and leader of Booz Allen’s cybersecurity business.  “With every widely reported breach, cyber security is moving from the ‘to do’ list to a CEO and Board level priority. We expect to see a fundamental shift in how companies prepare, which will only grow more urgent as new threats emerge.”

For years, we have been focusing how information is collected and communicated to make the world more connected. For the future, a more important question to ask will be how information is protected and shared.

The advancement within the digital world requires us to focus our attention on both hardware manufacturers and software service providers. This will encourage developers to design products that enhance security against cyber attacks. New end products with specific components are required to comply with the high security requirement, which is creating new opportunities for component suppliers. Advanced MP Technology is geared up to respond to the new demand in the industry by using its global resources, experience and industry connections.