Earthquake in Japan Impact Electronic Supply Chain

Earthquake in Japan Impact Electronic Supply Chain

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

A series of devastating earthquakes struck Japan’s Kyushu region last week. Advanced MP Technology expresses its sincere sympathy and condolences to the victims of the earthquake in Kumamoto Prefecture and the surrounding areas in Kyushu.

As many semiconductor factories are located in the Kyushu area, the global electronic industry will face challenges in its supply chain. Here is what we know so far:

  • Sony suspends production in Kumamoto Technology Center which primarily manufactures image sensors for digital cameras and security cameras as well as micro-display devices—news reports Sony to be back on line, but it’s not confirmed

  • Renesas expected to start some production at Kawashiri Factory on April 22nd, aiming to resume productions of other remaining processes step by step to reach full pre-earthquake production capacity at an earliest possible date

  • Cypress may have issues delivering parts since their supply channels are impacted

  • Omron ASO Corporation at Aso City:

    • As there has been interruption of power and damage to nearby transportation infrastructure, we are currently assessing the impact on our production at this location.

    • The schedule for resumption of production is under consideration. We will monitor the situation with first consideration being the safety and welfare of our employees.

    • The condition and status of our entire supply chain is also being checked. This includes assessing the impact on any supplier who may have sustained critical damage

Other product lines impacted:

  • Sony CXD series (e.g. CXD208…, CXD125…, CXD353…)

  • CEL UPD Series (e.g. UPD431…, UPD432…, UPD75…, UPD78)

  • Renesas Series R5F (e.g. R5F109…, R5F211…, R5F212…)

With the abundant resource and wide network, Advanced MP Technology can help you to mitigation any challenges you might face due to the Japan earthquake. Our dedicated global purchasing and sales team will work around the clock to find the parts you need and our robust logistic system will make sure to deliver the best quality product on-time, anytime, anywhere.

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