Enhancing Our Quality of Life with IoT

Enhancing Our Quality of Life with IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a common buzzword, but are you aware that the amount of devices connected to the Internet is expected to double the number of people in the world by the end of next year. The IoT market is also predicted to be valued at 7.1 trillion USD by the end of this decade. But how will IoT impact our lives?

Turning Megacities into Smart Cities

2009 was the first time in history that more people lived in urban areas rather than rural areas. These cities are consuming two thirds of today’s available energy and other valuable resources.  But thanks to IoT, we are able to use sensors to save money and optimize processes in these smart cities. For example, San Jose, California is using IoT to build more sustainable infrastructure. Some ways they are using these sensors include:

  1. Smart lighting

  2. Traffic monitoring

  3. Waste management

  4. Security and emergency detection: detecting radiation, temperature, air quality, gases, and other hazardous conditions in real time.

  5. Strategically placed sensors for parking

Health Care Assistance

A challenge that doctors face with older patients is that it can be difficult for them to travel as often to the doctor’s office as they should. This poses a problem with life-threatening diseases that need to be frequently monitored. Using IoT devices, health related information can be sent to doctors or family members so that the patient’s health condition is evaluated in real-time.

Energy Reduction

By using smart meters, thermostats and sensors, we now have access to data about our energy consumption patterns that we never have had before. This increased visibility is helping businesses identify energy waste easier and make potential savings. For instance, a smart home system could inform the utility company that there has been no activity in the house for a while, and that the water heater can be turned off without the occupant knowing or caring.

Consumers are looking for peace of mind and convenience; IoT devices give them precisely that. With sensors getting cheaper, yet more accurate by the day, more and more physical objects are becoming part of a network of things changing the way we live and work. We are heading towards a world where everything is connected and better decisions can be made in real time. How will future Internet of Things effect our security and the stability of the world around us, I guess we will just have to wait and see. 

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