How IoT is Affecting Sports

How IoT is Affecting Sports

When you think about Internet of Things (IoT) in fitness or sports, many think of wearable computing, such as Fitbit or Nike+ FuelBand. With the changes in technology many popular sports are starting to discover the benefits of using sensors and IoTs within their training and the game itself.

Soon, good old processed film will no longer be a viable option for analyzing a player’s performance. Training will incorporate IoTs in the coach and players practices. A baseball was recently designed that is stuffed with sensors. This new baseball, designed by MIT’s Media Lab, can recognize the pitcher’s grip and figure out the difference between a fastball and a sinker. This ball can actually learn the particular grip patterns of each pitcher and use that to train them how to improve their game. This same technology can also be used to improve a grip of a golf club! Another good example comes from the world of running.

Research into sensor-rich insoles focused on clocking how long shoes touched the ground during a sprint. That data could be processed right after a run and displayed to runners, so they can adjust their performance based on muscle memory.

When it comes to the actual meat of the sport, the game itself, IoTs can now be seen being incorporated into many sports. Within basketball, there are new sensors to make the game more accurate by stopping the clock when the ball goes through the net. This is more reliable than controlling the clock by hand, according to Michael Bove, a professor at MIT Media Lab.

Looking at football, a new sensor startup called Brain Sentry can be applied to a helmet and cause LED to flash red on the helmet whenever acceleration is detected. Reebok and MC10 have come up with the CheckLight skullcap with sensing technology and LEDs for use under a helmet in ANY sport. This could be a huge step especially for the NFL who is putting up $40M on research for better diagnosing brain injuries.

There is now IoT technology to improve how we watch the game as well. Looking at basketball, there are new sensors that show the audience how hard the basketball player is slamming the ball through the hoop that don’t cost more than $10 to build! The same technology can replace a radar gun within baseball by clocking the speed of the pitcher’s throw.

As companies go forward with new ways to compute and store increasing amounts of data, many sports are excited about the advances and are willing to pay for the changes. Advanced MP Technology is a leader in the distribution of quality electronic components. Our robust Oracle system and sophisticated global IT network is well in placed to provide the world-class service to our customers from RFQ to CRM service. By staying up-to-date with the latest technology and market information, we make sure our internal processes and business practices will create the highest value for our customers.