Keeping Up with Power-Hungry Devices​

Keeping Up with Power-Hungry Devices​

As mobile device hardware and software capabilities have drastically increased with the addition of web browsing, higher resolution cameras, larger HD screens, battery-sucking applications, faster processors and 5G, so have the peak power requirements from the voltage regulators that supply power to these systems. Load currents add up quickly with multiple processes running concurrently, which places enormous electrical and thermal stress on the power management system of these devices.

Designers of such devices must focus on power conservation while carefully considering power consumption and efficiency. By carefully crafting a complex system of optimized software and hardware circuitry, the power consumed by a portable device can be greatly reduced without significantly increasing the device cost or negatively impacting the user experience.

There are many common problems when it comes to monitoring and managing power. Reliability is an important factor with power management, as deteriorating performance or an overheating battery could be devastating. Fortunately, organizations now have access to a newer generation of intelligent, logical and complete power management solutions that are significantly better equipped to help companies overcome such challenges. Organizations eager to preserve data integrity and keep critical systems continuously available should further investigate the latest power management products to learn more about the assistance they can offer.

Advanced MP Technology is excited to announce GAPTEC Electronic into our group of franchise lines. GAPTEC Electronic specializes in products with low energy consumption to suit these times of constant increasing power requirements. With an extensive product offering list, high quality control processes, and years of experience in the industry, we are confident that our new franchise partner can provide relief with today’s power management challenges. GAPTEC Electronic has specialized in DC-DC and AC-DC voltage transformers, supplying a selected range of transformers with typical insulation and industrial voltages as well as currently common terminal pin assignments. They provide reassurance with reliable, tried-and-trusted technology at reasonable prices below the known market average through a streamlined sales network.

Advanced MP Technology is constantly researching to keep up with market trends. As a full service global distributor of electronic components and provider of supply chain solutions, our goal is to deliver the highest quality products to our customers on time, every time.