Market Shortage Update

Market Shortage Update

The semiconductor market has experienced growing shortages across many products, brands and verticals.


  • ST: some MCU series are under shortage

  • Microchip: All products are under shortage

  • ADI: All products, primarily Automotive parts, are under shortage with an average lead time of 14-20 weeks

  • Automotive EEPROMS: All related products are under storage

  • Fairchild: Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) are under shortage

  • Toshiba: All products are under shortage

  • ON Semiconductor: Power modules lead time has increased from 16 to 41 weeks, including the STGIB and STGIF series

  • Broadcom: Lengthening lead time for some products from 12 weeks to 24+ weeks

  • NXP/FSC Allocation Devices Family: S9S12VR48/VR32 16bits S12 Core QFP32 package, MC9S08AC32MPUE 8bits S08 Core QFP 64 package, MCIMX6Q6AVT10AD 1.MX6 Cortex A9 4 Core FCBGA package

  • All memory is under shortage, including the following:

  • NAND Flash

  • NOR Flash associated with Cypress/Spansion

  • DDR3/DDR4

  • SSD’s

  • Modules


  • Murata – GRM seeing high demand and no stocks readily available

  • GRM 0201 and 0402 packages – 12+ weeks lead time

  • Series under serious allocation are GRM21, GRM31, GRM18, with 105, 106, 225, 335 and 475

  • TDK – Ceramic Caps – large volumes needed across multiple verticals

  • Panasonic – Issues with caps for the high end audio industry and automotive

  • Vishay – Extended lead times across the board and are not fixed on a series or product group

  • Tantalum Caps – Issues across all brands

Verticals Most Impacted:

  • Automotive

  • Medical

  • Industrial

  • Computing

  • Telecommunication

  • IoT/Commercial

  • EMS Customers