The Booming Robotics Industry

The Booming Robotics Industry

Robots are quickly making their way into the everyday lives of businesses and consumers. By 2018, the International Robotics Foundation predicts that 35 million service robots will be sold. And by 2020, Intel has reported more than $83 billion will be spent on these robots. In addition to industrial robots, there are many different types of consumer robots. Assistant robots are used to perform a variety of services; including, making your morning coffee, folding your clothes, turning on and off your lights, projecting a movie on the wall, handing your daily chores and some look just like a human.

LG has manufactured two different robots just for Airports – one is an Airport Guide Robot while the other is a Cleaning Robot. The Guide Robot uses your boarding pass to tell you how to get to your gate and when your flight is going to take off. It can also respond to voices like informing you of the weather at your destination. The Cleaning Robot just wanders around the airport vacuuming up any trash.

However, robots might do more harm than good in the future as far as jobs are concerned. Foxconn, manufacturer for the iPhone and many other electronics devices, has announced it is going to transition into replacing every human worker with robots, beginning with the positions that are dangerous or involves repetitious labor humans are unwilling to do. The second phase will involve improving efficiency by streamlining production lines. The third and final phase involves automating entire factories with only a minimal number of workers assigned for production, logistics, testing and inspection processes. In March 2016, Foxconn said it had already automated away 60,000 jobs at one of its factories.

Robots can be cheaper than human labor in the long run; however, initial investment can be costly. It is also difficult and time consuming to program robots to perform multiple tasks. This is why, thus far, humans have been cheaper than robots. Currently, the long term impact of vastly employing robots in the future is unknown.

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