The Future of Memory Storage

The Future of Memory Storage

With smartphones becoming smarter, computers becoming more powerful, and devices having more capabilities than ever before, there is a constant need for more storage to house all of this data. But will we ever run out of storage space?

Over the past several years, vendors have promised to expand memory capacity, reduce costs, and optimize performance with Storage Class Memory. Businesses must find a way to keep up with the ever-increasing need for bigger memory footprints, while containing costs as they scale up.

It is said Google Maps has over 20 petabytes of data, which is equivalent to about 21 million gigabytes. To put this into perspective, the first hard drive to have more than 1 GB in capacity was the IBM 3380 in 1980 which could store 2.52 GB. It was the size of a refrigerator, weighed 550 pounds, and the price when it was introduced ranged from $81,000 to $142,400.

There will always be a constant need to store data. IT organizations are moving beyond memory constraints by scaling out their infrastructures. But due to the price of DRAM , scaling memory can be costly. The demand for memory is outstripping supply, and it’s not slowing down. Organizations must find a more flexible and budget-conscious way to address memory requirements.

So far in 2017, there has been no relief from memory device shortages and increasing prices. The tight supply of NAND flash memory is due to memory manufacturers shifting towards producing higher density 3D NAND chips. It is affecting the industry at large, including the IT industry from smartphones and PCs whose customers are demanding ever-increasing amounts of local storage to servers which are being configured with larger amounts of storage.

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