The Future of Sensors

The Future of Sensors

The exponential increase in technology and popularity of Wearables and IoT applications is apparent in the technology world. These technologies give insight into how products are performing. What makes so many of these applications so innovative is within the sensor technology.

Sensors record vibration, temperature, pressure and voltage, among other conditions, and provide data for real-time analysis. They also can help lead to discovery of faulty parts in products weeks before they actually fail.

When sensors were initially being developed they were meant for large and expensive industrial platforms, such as electrical generation systems and jet engines. In no time, sensors connected to analytical platforms will be found in nearly every product. This is because it is becoming a belief that technology will make machinery and systems more reliable. Sensors and analytics will alert users and vendors to problems before they become visible, which will eliminate many maintenance checks so companies can save time and money.

Sensors will also allow businesses to learn how customers are using their products, which will help shape how products are made. Sensor data analytics allows companies to look at patterns of raw sensor data and their relationship to everyday activities and events. The starting point for this is often raw vibration data from an accelerometer, which have advanced power-saving features that make them the ideal choice for ultra-low power applications.

Many sensor manufacturers are making a big push on innovation of new sensor technology. Freescale has recently focused on sensor fusion, which is a process by which data from many different sensors are “fused” to compute something more than could be determined by any one sensor alone. This allows for an improvement in application or system performance. “It ’s all about bringing the relevant data together from multiple sensors to provide a bigger picture of what’s going on in a system,” Steve Whalley, Chief Strategy Officer at MIG told EE Times.

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