Update-Earthquake in Japan Impact Electronic Supply Chain

Update-Earthquake in Japan Impact Electronic Supply Chain

As another earthquake hits Ecuador last night, Advanced MP’s thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families of Ecuador and Japan. As our commitment to deliver the breaking news covering the Japan aftermath of the quake, we have the following Breaking News. We appreciate any supplemental information that you can share with us and customers alike:

April 22nd 2016:

Sony not ready to resume production ”Due to the earthquake of April 14, 2016 and subsequent earthquakes in the Kumamoto region, Sony  informs that it will be unable to formulate the forecast for its consolidated results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017 in the usual timeframe.”

Sony’s CMOS series, most commonly used in Apple cameras (Apple uses Sony sensors in its iPhones and iPads), has been greatly affected as production has been shut down.

Fairchild is currently facing some production issues on various product lines. The exact impact is unknown and there isn’t an official confirmation from Fairchild. We will be keeping an eye out for an official statement from Fairchild. Meanwhile vendors are definitely seeing an increase in demand.

REN and CEL seem to have the largest impact in the semi market with major issues in the OPTO, MPU and MCU product lines.

More detailed information on semiconductor industry in Kyushu:

(Source: siliconexpert)

With the abundant resource and wide network, Advanced MP Technology can help you to mitigation any challenges you might face due to the Japan earthquake. Our dedicated global purchasing and sales team will work around the clock to find the parts you need and our robust logistic system will make sure to deliver the best quality product on-time, anytime, anywhere.

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