Quality | Advanced MP Technology

Processes & Procedures


Advanced MP Technology is committed to 100% customer satisfaction by maintaining optimal quality processes and procedures based on our ISO 9001-2015 & ANSI/ESD S20.20.2014 standards.

To ensure quality products for our customers, our inspectors perform a 72-point, two-stage component inspection on 100% incoming materials with an additional stage that is for visual reference.


We are dedicated to continuously evaluating and streamlining our quality management system, keeping up to date with the latest technologies, certifications, and industry standards.


We maintain transparency in all of our quality procedures and urge you to examine our processes and promises.


  • Additional Testing: May be performed upon customer request to ensure optimum performance

  • Product Programming: Provided based on customer specifications for certain types of products

  • Tape and Reeling: Packaging of bulk products accommodating customer product requirements

  • Dry Pack and Baking: Ensures product quality and shelf life

  • Part Number/Product Cross Reference: We find other manufacturers’ products that fit your needs.

  • Obsolete Datasheets: Our product management team helps customers obtain data sheets, when available, for obsolete products.

  • Specific Labeling Needs: We are able to accommodate specific labeling needs for our customers.

  • Bonded Inventory Services:  We are able to work with customers to find the most efficient solution for storing and shipping components in our strategically located warehouses in California, Hong Kong, Budapest, and Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

  • JIT (Just In Time) Delivery: Our local sourcing teams and regional warehouses make it possible for us to hold the inventory until the desired delivery date.


Ambient electrical testing, extended temperature electrical testing, CSEM, CSAM and solder-ability are additional services provided by 3rd party DLA suitability laboratories and/or ISO 17025 qualified. AMPT also provides tape and reeling, kitting and baking within three full-capacity labs located in California, Hungary and Hong Kong. Our Failure Analysis and Quality Engineer is located at our laboratory in San Clemente, CA.